Workshop Series

The Choose Love Now Workshops are year round events that dive into the undercurrents of our society. To live a life where we can choose love in each moment, we must discover what is keeping us from love and unity, both individually and collectively. Each workshop is designed to provide an experience and reflection on the topic.


Building Sustainable Masculinity

Partnering with The Man Question’s Michael Wilson, we discover what masculinity means from a personal and cultural perspective. Explore key questions through the lens of gender and play unique theatre-based games to build community and develop the vocabulary for talking about masculinity.

Next Workshop: October 8th 7-9pm in Brooklyn, New York

Past Workshops: August 21st 7-9pm in Brooklyn, New York



Being Sensuous Beauty: a women’s WindDancing experience.

Sunday October 14th, 2:30pm - 5pm

An afternoon of Feminine Freedom and Fun - the ultimate in the Art of Self Care! Using silent disco headphones and guided by Alorah Inanna.

Intimacy in Every Moment

Sunday October 14th, 7pm - 10pm

As we Choose Love in this moment, we will tap into intimacy. Learn to quickly and clearly distinguish sensuality from sexuality, allowing us to abandon forever this fear of expression. Through doing so, we make it safe for everyone to express love, appreciation, and playful attraction without thinking that it means anything or is going anywhere. All Genders welcome.


Suggested Online Courses


Awakening the Dreamer

Pachamama Alliance present’s this in person or digital course as “a transformative educational program that explores the challenges facing humanity at this critical moment in time and the opportunities we as a human family have to create a new future.”


Spiritual Activism Training

Produced by The Network of Spiritual Progressive in association with Tikkun, for a 7 session series of zoom calls and materials to create “an environment in which your desire for a loving, caring, just, and sustainable world will be embraced and encouraged. You will be given the tools you need to bring that vision into the world through concrete proposals and programs that can create lasting systemic change.”


Transforming White Privilege (TWP)

We recognize that white privilege and white culture are contentious terms and difficult issues with which to grapple in many settings. We went into the development of the curriculum with a strong belief that the effort to grapple with them would be worth it for the participants, particularly in terms of seeing new entry points for positive change.

The curriculum is designed to help current and emerging leaders from a variety of sectors better identify, talk about and intervene to address white privilege and its consequences.

Watch the 2016 Workshop Video


Revolutionary Love Conference

Join multiple organizations, speakers, and leader in New York City at Middle Collegiate Church on April 5th-7th 2019 for a weekend of “addressing issues such as the power of story to train leaders, the use of artistic worship to create multiracial communities, training leaders to manage change and conflict, analyzing the dynamics of race, gender, class and power, and the connections between faith, justice and the economy.”