After the parade... 

We ground the high-vibe energy that was created at the Love Parade NYC into actions of compassion taken in the present moment to create the future. 

At the Choose Love Now workshops, we combine knowledge from experts and mindfulness techniques to Learn, Reflect, and Integrate new information into actionable steps for changing the world!

Each person will leave with tools to better understand the issues that are impacting our world.  An expert will present one aspect of their research in a TedTalk style presentation, followed by a guided meditation, journaling prompts, conscious communication exercises, and art therapy techniques. Finishing with options for direct actions that can be taken by each individual, empowering them in choosing love!

  • Friday May 26, 5:30-7:30pm
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    • Topic: Choose Love Now: Love in Action. Empowerment through Hopelessness
    • Location: House of Light in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY
Here is how we use this technique...  [read more]

Here is how we use this technique... [read more]

Choose Love Now is a 3-step mindfulness technique that helps people process information and find a direct action to improve the situation.

Empowerment in the present moment to give each person a new experience as a basis for new throughs, emotions, and actions.

Choosing love means choosing compassion. Choosing compassion for yourself and for others looks differently every time, but it always starts with the power of the present moment.


After the parade...

To balance out the Love Parade NYC event that celebrates life and opens up the heart, the Choose Love Now workshops ground the compassion with education and emotional processing.