The Love Parade NYC connects people from all walks of life...

Who have one thing in common..


We act from Love, with compassion to self, others, and the planet. 

Life is a co-creation, and we want to spread beauty and joy with you! 

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Photography by PhotoBeliever, Videography by Andrea Sadler, Video Editing by  Lilah Shreeve and Ennis Chung

Join a Color Team & become a Color Leader!


At the Love Parade NYC, we are surprising people out of their comfort zones through artistry and wonder by wearing costumes and colors, holding flowers, animals, signs, and streamers. 

Empowering one another to make random acts of kindness, creating ripples of positive, generating change that leads to a large impact.

  • To create a safe and fun environment on the streets, we divided up the parader's into color teams. Will be walking in waves on the sidewalk on the north and south side of 14th street from Union Square going west.

  • Uniting multiple causes under the umbrella of compassion. There are SO. MANY. THINGS that need to change in our world, and we have to focus in to create a change in any area. At the Love Parade NYC, we come back together to refuel our passion and have some fun!


Celebration guidelines:

  • Share on social media and newsletter

  • Organize your contacts to march together

  • Coordinate costumes or colorful outfits

What to wear:

  • Costumes

  • Dress in your team color

What to bring:

  • Flowers

  • Participate in Flower Facts Activity

  • Chalk for #Chalk4Change activity

Play with us!

Combining random acts of kindness with activism, we will change the world!