How to use Choose Love Now during political overwhelm!

If love is a verb, then compassion is an action.

The Love Parade in NYC is about taking an action of compassion in the present moment - but compassion applies to YOU too! Especially if you are alone with your computer, looking over political hashtags and reading about the first 100 days.

Take a moment to EMPOWER YOURSELF out of overwhelm with Choose Love Now.

[Click to repost on Instagram] "The cure for pain is in the pain." #rumi #chooselovenow #meditativemind #neutralmaind

[Click to repost on Instagram] "The cure for pain is in the pain." #rumi #chooselovenow #meditativemind #neutralmaind


First Fully Feel.  

When you're getting #allthefeels - the discomfort, confusion, and anger - Overwhelm sets in! The fastest way to get out of these overwhelming feelings is to BE WITH THE FEELING. Scientific theories say that each emotion only lasts 90 seconds - then we can let it go! Fully feeling the emotion is the key to moving on.

Other me: Wait… my emotions usually last more than 90 seconds, hold on lady...
Me: Yes, me too! Because emotions get mixed up with stories and memories about the emotion. Try to focus on the emotion itself and use a breathing technique to put space between the emotion and the reaction to emotion.

To Fully Feel the pure feeling, try a quick meditation:   (1) Breathe. (2) Accept. (3) Breathe. (4) Let go. Watch this quick meditation video.

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Choose Love

Empower yourself with choices. The most compassionate action may be different every time. Here are a few options:


Ready to dive into it?

When feeling overwhelmed- Get Specific.

Take a few deep breaths and journal. What is your literal fear? What is it that most upsets you? Shining a light on your fears will help you see them and think more clearly.

Honor your feelings and get curious. The reason you are upset is unique to you. Upset is like an arrow pointing to values. Discover your values (and later we will put them into action!)


The best option for you might be to take a break!

Disconnect. #TheResistance will still be here after your mental vacation. A social media and news cleanse will reboot you.

Breathe. Meditate. Dance.

Taking care of yourself in basic ways is an important part of compassionate living. Don’t forget to sleep and eat your veggies! Your physical and mental health gives spiritual strength to live compassionately.

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Now is the only time we have to make the decision that is going to improve our lives and better our world.  Now may not be the most convenient time, but it is where our individual power lies. When your feelings come up - remember that Now you have the tools to accept the gift - fully feel and choose love!  



You are normal - what is happening isn’t.
Don't normalize bad behavior and injustice! You are a person who cares and outrage is normal in outrageous situations.

Keep your resilience up by identifying your feelings, resting, and acting with compassion.


Sending you Blessings,


Founder of the Love Parade NYC


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