Meaning behind the Love Parade

The Love Parade NYC was founded on the philosophy of Choose Love Now.

Choose Love Now means taking an action of compassion in the present moment. 

Let's look at what that means...


The present moment is the perfect time, and really the only time, for an action. Now is where we have our personal power, and we can make a change. 


When we make sure that our action is out of Compassion and Forgiveness and Love, we are making the most powerful choice. Giving these gifts to ourselves and others is the best way to open the heart and create a new reality.  


Realizing that we have a choice is the most empowering part of Choose Love Now. 


We use techniques, such as mindfulness and meditation, to create space in between our emotion and our action. There is always a catalyst for action, and the strongest are usually from pain, injustice, or fear. Instead of reacting to the catalyst of our emotions, we can start to separate the story, the emotion, and the action. 


There is pre-requisite, to the Choose Love Now philosophy; a step before the Choice. Before we can choose the best option for compassion in this moment, we must First Fully Feel our emotions. 


First Fully Feel gives us permission and a duty to feel each emotion, as it comes. Every emotion is valid and helpful. Accepting the emotion, and stopping with non-judgement to get curious about it is a powerful healing, in itself. This leads to better understanding of ourselves, the world, and how we participate. 


Strong feelings are like an arrow, pointing directly to our values. The more understanding we can have about our own upsets, the better we can step into a choice of compassion. 


So next time your heart sinks, pulse quickens, eyes swell, and your breath escapes you - pause to First Fully Feel completely. Then you can make a choice to Choose Love Now and act with compassion in the present moment. 


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