Impact of the Love Parade NYC

The Love Parade NYC a peace and unity march for evolution on the streets of Manhattan. With so many important issues in the world, we must act.

NOW is the only time we have to make the decision that is going to improve our lives and change our world. 

We have more technology & knowledge than ever before to solve the problems of Earth. Studies prove that people don’t change their minds because the facts and resources are there - People change their mind when they have a CHANGE OF HEART.

We are creating an ACT OF BEAUTY on the streets to WAKE PEOPLE UP to an evolution through compassion, peace, and unity!

Using the tools of beauty + play + connection, we will spread love in the form of flowers.

Imagine: People attend dressed in eye-catching, playful costumes, walking with signs, pets, streamers, instruments, and passing out flowers. 

The impact of the Love Parade NYC spreads much further than the rally and march. Each person who walks on the street will give out flowers to everyone they meet, impacting at least 3 people that day. Then, the flowers will live on, for at least 3 days - The impact will grow to well over 3,000 in-person connections (not including thousands of online impressions.)

The story of the unique and magical Love Parade NYC event will create ripple effects in heart, opening people up to new solutions that technology can make a reality. In the months following the Love Parade, we will have the Choose Love Now Workshops.

The structure of the workshops will ground and balance compassion. We learn from experts about these problems, and emotionally process that new information, then decide on a direct action & solution. 

It starts with an action of compassion, no matter how small. The ripple effect of empowering people to act with kindness leads to larger changes. We open the heart first, and the mind will follow.