How the Love Parade will change the world

Passing out flowers. Smiling at strangers. A pessimist version of myself says we are only bothering people and making ourselves feel better.

It’s more than that.

We are changing the world.

I’ll explain …


I read a recent New Yorker article, “Why Facts Don’t Change our Minds.” They don’t. Facts that prove our beliefs give us a pleasure response as a rush of dopamine. Facts that contradict our beliefs make us defensive as we deny their legitimacy.


This is a huge problem.  

The definition and legitimacy of facts (re: alternative facts & fake news) is making us resistant to other viewpoints more than ever before.

How can we change the world, if not through facts?


Aren’t we supposed to all sit down and have a nice, respectful, democratic discussion of the issues? Ideally yes, but something needs to happen before people are ready to consider new solutions to old problems.


Open the heart.

This is like step one… or a prerequisite to any efforts in uniting people:

Open the heart first, and let the brain follow.


The Love Parade NYC uses acts of beauty and art to open the heart.

Imagine: You’re walking on the street and all of a sudden... gifts of flowers and love notes given out by people in costumes and bright colors, while walking their cute dogs, singing, chanting, dancing, drumming along their way... caught in a storm of play, laughter and color.

A parade celebrating life.

Turning strangers into new friends.

A spontaneous dance party.


A new experience of life. Every situation we encounter daily help us to write our story of how the world works. The Love Parade NYC gives a new experience of reality where people think and feel differently about the world.


This is the solution:

First, we open the heart to new experiences.

Those new experiences allow us to consider new solutions.

New solutions empower us to act differently.

When we act differently, things will change.

When one person changes, a ripple effect leads to more change.

This is how we change the world.

One heart at a time.


We are opening people’s hearts, to bypass the logical thinking of the mind.

Open the heart, and the brain will follow.


The world needs the Love Parade NYC.


Join us.