Impact of the Love Parade NYC

The Love Parade NYC a peace and unity march for evolution on the streets of Manhattan. With so many important issues in the world, we must act.

NOW is the only time we have to make the decision that is going to improve our lives and change our world. 

We have more technology & knowledge than ever before to solve the problems of Earth. Studies prove that people don’t change their minds because the facts and resources are there - People change their mind when they have a CHANGE OF HEART.

We are creating an ACT OF BEAUTY on the streets to WAKE PEOPLE UP to an evolution through compassion, peace, and unity!

Using the tools of beauty + play + connection, we will spread love in the form of flowers.

Imagine: People attend dressed in eye-catching, playful costumes, walking with signs, pets, streamers, instruments, and passing out flowers. 

The impact of the Love Parade NYC spreads much further than the rally and march. Each person who walks on the street will give out flowers to everyone they meet, impacting at least 3 people that day. Then, the flowers will live on, for at least 3 days - The impact will grow to well over 3,000 in-person connections (not including thousands of online impressions.)

The story of the unique and magical Love Parade NYC event will create ripple effects in heart, opening people up to new solutions that technology can make a reality. In the months following the Love Parade, we will have the Choose Love Now Workshops.

The structure of the workshops will ground and balance compassion. We learn from experts about these problems, and emotionally process that new information, then decide on a direct action & solution. 

It starts with an action of compassion, no matter how small. The ripple effect of empowering people to act with kindness leads to larger changes. We open the heart first, and the mind will follow. 

Dear Friends,

I’ve never thought of myself as an activist.

I’m just doing the best I can, being kind and aware of my friends and family. I’ve read about the social and economic inequality in America like it was the historical account of a few, instead of the current reality of many.


There are so many things I haven't experienced because of my privilege of coming from a white collar family. Then I read this, and this, and this and this, and this, and this. Now that I am aware of my own privilage and of the untold stories and current circumstances of my fellow Americans, I can see it more clearly. I won’t close my eyes to the injustice that Americans endure.


Their stories are now part of my reality. I’m not going to wait for someone else to fix this. This is my problem - because it is an American problem.


But what can I do? I feel sad, angry, confused, and at times, hopeless. I have spent time in the safety of my privilege, waiting for someone else to initiate the change. Someone else to find a solution. In my heart, I know that this is why these injustices have lasted so long. I must act.


I will act because

  • Now is a pivotal moment for our country

  • Now is a defining moment for our generation

  • Now is where the power of collective action lives

  • Now is the time to Choose Love


Choosing love means spreading joy and beauty to support and uplift any movement founded in unity, democracy, compassion, and equality. It is not the answer to the problem, it is the first step towards change. The function of beauty and joy is to open the heart. From each individual heart, a larger change will come.

First, we must come together and Choose Love Now.

Sending you love,



We will come together to Choose Love Now through the small yet important act of gift-giving at the Love Parade NYC on April 30th, 2017.

Join us in this march for unity and evolution. We will continue to spread love & compassion on the streets. 


How the Love Parade will change the world

Passing out flowers. Smiling at strangers. A pessimist version of myself says we are only bothering people and making ourselves feel better.

It’s more than that.

We are changing the world.

I’ll explain …


I read a recent New Yorker article, “Why Facts Don’t Change our Minds.” They don’t. Facts that prove our beliefs give us a pleasure response as a rush of dopamine. Facts that contradict our beliefs make us defensive as we deny their legitimacy.


This is a huge problem.  

The definition and legitimacy of facts (re: alternative facts & fake news) is making us resistant to other viewpoints more than ever before.

How can we change the world, if not through facts?


Aren’t we supposed to all sit down and have a nice, respectful, democratic discussion of the issues? Ideally yes, but something needs to happen before people are ready to consider new solutions to old problems.


Open the heart.

This is like step one… or a prerequisite to any efforts in uniting people:

Open the heart first, and let the brain follow.


The Love Parade NYC uses acts of beauty and art to open the heart.

Imagine: You’re walking on the street and all of a sudden... gifts of flowers and love notes given out by people in costumes and bright colors, while walking their cute dogs, singing, chanting, dancing, drumming along their way... caught in a storm of play, laughter and color.

A parade celebrating life.

Turning strangers into new friends.

A spontaneous dance party.


A new experience of life. Every situation we encounter daily help us to write our story of how the world works. The Love Parade NYC gives a new experience of reality where people think and feel differently about the world.


This is the solution:

First, we open the heart to new experiences.

Those new experiences allow us to consider new solutions.

New solutions empower us to act differently.

When we act differently, things will change.

When one person changes, a ripple effect leads to more change.

This is how we change the world.

One heart at a time.


We are opening people’s hearts, to bypass the logical thinking of the mind.

Open the heart, and the brain will follow.


The world needs the Love Parade NYC.


Join us.

Was the first Love Parade NYC a success?

In every success, there is the “first follower” - the first person who says YES! 

The first follower is arguably more adventurous and visionary than the person instigating. They are the first to join and validate the idea.

Put so beautifully in this video of a spontaneous dance party - the person dancing had a vision, and the first person to join made it a party.

"If the leader is the flint, the first follower is the spark that really makes the fire." 

That brave person is YOU! 

Thank you for making the first Love Parade in 2015 a success!

We are continuing in 2017

Planning starts now. 



Ideas? Talents? Love to share?

Contribute to the Love Parade NYC! 

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Meaning behind the Love Parade

The Love Parade NYC was founded on the philosophy of Choose Love Now.

Choose Love Now means taking an action of compassion in the present moment. 

Let's look at what that means...


The present moment is the perfect time, and really the only time, for an action. Now is where we have our personal power, and we can make a change. 


When we make sure that our action is out of Compassion and Forgiveness and Love, we are making the most powerful choice. Giving these gifts to ourselves and others is the best way to open the heart and create a new reality.  


Realizing that we have a choice is the most empowering part of Choose Love Now. 


We use techniques, such as mindfulness and meditation, to create space in between our emotion and our action. There is always a catalyst for action, and the strongest are usually from pain, injustice, or fear. Instead of reacting to the catalyst of our emotions, we can start to separate the story, the emotion, and the action. 


There is pre-requisite, to the Choose Love Now philosophy; a step before the Choice. Before we can choose the best option for compassion in this moment, we must First Fully Feel our emotions. 


First Fully Feel gives us permission and a duty to feel each emotion, as it comes. Every emotion is valid and helpful. Accepting the emotion, and stopping with non-judgement to get curious about it is a powerful healing, in itself. This leads to better understanding of ourselves, the world, and how we participate. 


Strong feelings are like an arrow, pointing directly to our values. The more understanding we can have about our own upsets, the better we can step into a choice of compassion. 


So next time your heart sinks, pulse quickens, eyes swell, and your breath escapes you - pause to First Fully Feel completely. Then you can make a choice to Choose Love Now and act with compassion in the present moment. 


Join the next Love Parade event in NYC


Ways to get involved... 

How to use Choose Love Now during political overwhelm!

If love is a verb, then compassion is an action.

The Love Parade in NYC is about taking an action of compassion in the present moment - but compassion applies to YOU too! Especially if you are alone with your computer, looking over political hashtags and reading about the first 100 days.

Take a moment to EMPOWER YOURSELF out of overwhelm with Choose Love Now.

[Click to repost on Instagram] "The cure for pain is in the pain." #rumi #chooselovenow #meditativemind #neutralmaind

[Click to repost on Instagram] "The cure for pain is in the pain." #rumi #chooselovenow #meditativemind #neutralmaind


First Fully Feel.  

When you're getting #allthefeels - the discomfort, confusion, and anger - Overwhelm sets in! The fastest way to get out of these overwhelming feelings is to BE WITH THE FEELING. Scientific theories say that each emotion only lasts 90 seconds - then we can let it go! Fully feeling the emotion is the key to moving on.

Other me: Wait… my emotions usually last more than 90 seconds, hold on lady...
Me: Yes, me too! Because emotions get mixed up with stories and memories about the emotion. Try to focus on the emotion itself and use a breathing technique to put space between the emotion and the reaction to emotion.

To Fully Feel the pure feeling, try a quick meditation:   (1) Breathe. (2) Accept. (3) Breathe. (4) Let go. Watch this quick meditation video.

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Choose Love

Empower yourself with choices. The most compassionate action may be different every time. Here are a few options:


Ready to dive into it?

When feeling overwhelmed- Get Specific.

Take a few deep breaths and journal. What is your literal fear? What is it that most upsets you? Shining a light on your fears will help you see them and think more clearly.

Honor your feelings and get curious. The reason you are upset is unique to you. Upset is like an arrow pointing to values. Discover your values (and later we will put them into action!)


The best option for you might be to take a break!

Disconnect. #TheResistance will still be here after your mental vacation. A social media and news cleanse will reboot you.

Breathe. Meditate. Dance.

Taking care of yourself in basic ways is an important part of compassionate living. Don’t forget to sleep and eat your veggies! Your physical and mental health gives spiritual strength to live compassionately.

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Now is the only time we have to make the decision that is going to improve our lives and better our world.  Now may not be the most convenient time, but it is where our individual power lies. When your feelings come up - remember that Now you have the tools to accept the gift - fully feel and choose love!  



You are normal - what is happening isn’t.
Don't normalize bad behavior and injustice! You are a person who cares and outrage is normal in outrageous situations.

Keep your resilience up by identifying your feelings, resting, and acting with compassion.


Sending you Blessings,


Founder of the Love Parade NYC


Learn more about

the Choose Love Now philosophy

and Love Parade events

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Choose Love Now? or in a few minutes...


Not in a few minutes. Not when I have enough money. Not when I have a great partner.

The only time to choose love is NOW.

I am inspired by the death of two friends to Choose Love Now.

The beautiful communities that formed from their passing turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Max Mendoza and Hari Simran were both men who lived their lives choosing love and spreading joy. They are my inspiration.

Inspiration and motivation are different. Motivation is based on fear. We can be motivated to act now, by fear of death. Inspiration is based on love. We can be inspired to live to the fullest.

The Latin root word for inspire is “spir” meaning breath, spirit, force that moves your life.  

Breath gives power. You can’t live without breath. Breath gives the power to keep going. When you're coming from a place of love, your energy can be infinite. Draw from the infinite energy source of love and let your soul inspire you.

I am inspired to Choose Love Now, because I know that Now is the only time we have.

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream."

Khalil Gibran

Now is the time to Choose Love.

Not in a few minutes, not tomorrow, not when the time is right.

Right Now, I will Choose Love.

Now is the only time we have to make the decision that are going to improve our lives and better our world. The decision that we make Now may be small: a smile, a compliment, random act of kindness.

I don’t like calling these acts small, because I don't want to diminish the value of a smile.

Every interaction you take leaves an imprint the other person’s heart. A smile or great conversation can impact someone’s whole day. Small in action but not small in value.

When we start making these moment-to-moment shifts in action and in thinking, from fear to love, from pain to joy, we are inspired by love. Then we can start to plan for a more loving future and make larger expressions, like the 1st Love Parade in NYC.


That is why Now is the moment to support the Love Parade NYC!

Here are 3 ways to support TODAY:

1. Smile and Compliment a stranger. 

This is the foundation of the #ChooseLoveNow movement: One small act of love will create a change of heart, that is passed along from person to person, and through communities and organizations. 

2. Donate - Get your Yoga class and Offical Shirt! 

There are only a 5 more days for the Indiegogo campaign, and we are 25% on our way to reaching our goal! Get your Yoga class and Offical Shirt! . The date of New York’s 1st Love Parade will be released soon!

3. Spread the word!!

Please share in your favorite Facebook groups & Like our Facebook page, re-post this picture on Instagram, re-tweet this message on Twitter, and share this post your friends who are interested in donating or walking!


Thank you so much to everyone to everyone who has already supported the 1st Love Parade in NYC

I feel the love and I can't wait to walk in the streets of NYC with you!