Historians will record the last 365 days as the most contentious year of the United States in the 21st century.

Protesting has become routine.

The perplexing reality and decisions of our political system looms over our minds like a hovering dark cloud. Watching our news coverage seems like an alternate reality or a joke that is not and was never funny. Our anger and vexation is justified. Our resistance to injustice has become a necessity.

But let us remember that although we may not be the ones that will record history we are the ones who will create it.

Our future depends on decisions we make today.

We regain our power through direct action.

In order to continue to forge into a more egalitarian tomorrow, we must take time to display a demonstration of our desired unity.

The Love Parade NYC is a neoteric protest - a transformation in tactic, and an exhibition of our empathy, playfulness, inventiveness, and benevolence.

Our anger separates us from people in our own communities. Our resistance does not have to be rooted in negativity. The Love Parade NYC is a call to action of our best self, to see into the eyes of our opposer and welcome them to join us. Tapping into their emotional centers, by showing them compassion.


We are taking an action of compassion in the present moment by joining on the streets at the Love Parade NYC.


How can you help?

Together we can make the world more compassionate! Become a Volunteer and Partner to co-creations the change we want to see in the world!