Partner Events

These partner organizations and facilitators hold the values of Choose Love Now, and allow us to dive deeper into these topics in a private setting.


A Pleasure Puja Playshop with Rachel Santos of Heart-On

We are blessed with Earthly Treasures to give and receive Divine Pleasure. Engaging our senses brings us into present moment awareness.

When the busy mind is quieted, we expand the subtle, blissful capacities our sensory organs are designed to experience - and from this sublime state, we embody samadhi.

Live heavenly music soundscape. No partner required. All participants explore both giving and receiving an array of delicacies for each of the senses in a safe environment, fully clothed.

Experience the distinct pleasures in each role: Delightor and Delighted, and the glorious feedback loop where the enjoyment of both merge. Leave with creative inspiration, feeling deeply connected and re-sensitized in your miraculous Body of Bliss.




presented by The Love Economy

Explore what it means to leverage Love in our economy and what it would look like if we chose love in business. A Groovin' Story Slam: 5 Local Entrepreneurs answer the question: When did you say yes to love in business?

Mindfulness & Collective Grounding guided by Meta Facilitator, Lori Hanau of Global Round Table Leadership

A Love Journey: Deep Dive Group Activities

Live Music from Cuzins the Band

Film, Voice Mediation, and Collective Live Art

Heart Connection, Love Offerings, and Networking Building

Love Claim: Your Vision for Love at Your Business or Workplace

Light Food, Beverages & Juicy Love Sweets




presented by Anne Koller of TapIN

Think: ecstatic dance meets escape the room, where you create art from emotions and leave as the masterpiece.

An experience that uses emotions as the fuel for creation and connection. A unique format that combines live music, spoken word poetry, movement, and art. Not your normal night out.

a night where emotions are the paint
movement is the paintbrush
poetry and music are the muses
and you are the artist

Imagine a night where you explore and experience connection through the elements: Fire - Water - Earth - Air. Where you go deeper into the emotional twists on the river of life: Anger - Sadness - Joy - Hope with yourself and others in an accepting and magical space of color and light.




presented by Alyssa Rocco, HG Life Coach

If you’re inspired and motivated to create and cultivate lasting impact in your community, this Design Your Life workshop with HG Life Coach Alyssa Rocco will offer you a starting point to jump-start your journey as a change-maker. These tools will open the door for you to make necessary changes to upgrade yourself (yes, you can design your personality!) and evolve to a higher state.

First, you’ll learn the importance of treating your life holistically as you learn how to dream in all 12 areas of life. You’ll also assess your current reality and start to understand how the voices, theories, and traits in your mind are keeping you locked in default mode. You’ll learn how to bust your excuses while coming to understand the true meaning of Personal Integrity®: the alignment of your head (plan) with your body (actions) to your heart (dream). And you’ll leave with an action plan (and a new community of people) to hold you accountable to the renewed vision you’ve created for yourself.




Suggested Online Courses

Continue to discover and unravel how deeply you can Choose Love Now from your own home with these online videos and courses.


Awakening the Dreamer

Pachamama Alliance present’s this in person or digital course as “a transformative educational program that explores the challenges facing humanity at this critical moment in time and the opportunities we as a human family have to create a new future.”


University of the Poor

To unite and develop leaders committed to the unity of the poor and dispossessed across color lines and other lines of division so as to build a broad-based and powerful movement to end poverty. Within this activity the University of the Poor strives to lay the basic foundation for a network of revolutionaries.

Spiritual Activism Training

Produced by The Network of Spiritual Progressive in association with Tikkun, for a 7 session series of zoom calls and materials to create “an environment in which your desire for a loving, caring, just, and sustainable world will be embraced and encouraged. You will be given the tools you need to bring that vision into the world through concrete proposals and programs that can create lasting systemic change.”


Transforming White Privilege (TWP)

We recognize that white privilege and white culture are contentious terms and difficult issues with which to grapple in many settings. We went into the development of the curriculum with a strong belief that the effort to grapple with them would be worth it for the participants, particularly in terms of seeing new entry points for positive change.

The curriculum is designed to help current and emerging leaders from a variety of sectors better identify, talk about and intervene to address white privilege and its consequences.

Watch the 2016 Workshop Video


Revolutionary Love Conference

Join multiple organizations, speakers, and leader in New York City at Middle Collegiate Church on April 5th-7th 2019 for a weekend of “addressing issues such as the power of story to train leaders, the use of artistic worship to create multiracial communities, training leaders to manage change and conflict, analyzing the dynamics of race, gender, class and power, and the connections between faith, justice and the economy.”

Watch videos from the 2019 Conference


CLN Workshops

These year-round events explore the impacts of race, class, and gender.

We must discover what is keeping us from love and unity, both individually and collectively. Each workshop is designed to pair a curated learning environment with mindfulness and embodiment to transform participants.

may 27 • 9_00 am - 3_00 pm white walls resort, sunset coast.png

Building Sustainable Masculinity

Partnering with The Man Question’s Michael Wilson, we discover what masculinity means from a personal and cultural perspective. Explore key questions through the lens of gender and play unique theatre-based games to build community and develop the vocabulary for talking about masculinity.

Upcoming workshop dates:

March14th 7-9pm in Brooklyn, New York


Past workshop dates:

October 8th 7-9pm in Brooklyn, New York

August 21st 7-9pm in Brooklyn, New York