We invite you to Choose Love Now by taking an action of compassion in the present moment. 

Creating a small change of heart, that will ripple effect into the community.

Public Meditation + Human Connection + Random Acts of Kindness on the streets. 


For the first time in history,

Humanity has access to knowledge and technology like never before. Despite the wealth of resources available there is a disconnect on how we use them to solve our problems.


Imagine if we could leverage the

power of human connection

to change the world one mind at a time. 


The Parade for Love celebrates compassion in the present moment. Before we can engage in conversation to address today’s political, environmental, economical, and social issues, we must first remember we are all one species with one common goal.

YEAR ONE: 2015

YEAR TWO: 2017


We believe



love is like gravity for human connection: 

A natural force that connects us, unseen but felt, as it pulls us together. 

love is an action

First, we realize that we each individually have a choice, then we collectively work towards a more compassionate world by using the power in the present moment.


We use kindness


to open the heart before we open the mind

by gifting flowers on the streets, and

cultivating listening as a tool to

Turn Strangers into Neighbors

and have conversations that matter.


We empower


an active role in creating the future we want. 

Amidst the national divide and epidemic of loneliness,

we each have the power to create a ripple effect of change. 

About Choose Love Now Organization:

Choose Love Now launched it's first parade April 2015 where 200 participants paraded through the streets passing out flowers, cookies, and love notes while dressed in costume. Participants made new connections with anyone who crossed the parade’s path giving out flowers and sharing kind thoughts. After taking a year off, we came back to Union Square in April 2017 with over 7 partnership organizations to continue using kindness, beauty, music, and mindfulness as tools for change. Attendance grew to over 800 participants in over 4 hours. Stepping into the 3rd year of the NYC event, we will again create a vibration of love in public spaces and through the streets, with many communities all working towards unity, wellness, justice, and celebration.